One new thing every day…

For many years now, it has been my frequently professed philosophy that any day in which I didn’t learn at least one new thing was a wasted day.  Today was not a wasted day.

I have been threatening/promising myself I would start a blog for some time.  Today I finally took my first baby steps in that direction.  This is the result — at least for today.  And I have learned a great deal about what is involved in just setting up a space in which to write said blog.  I am a little staggered by how much I still have to learn and do just to develop a comfortable space to set down a few thoughts.  Hopefully, a space equally comfortable for you, my readers, as for me.

Whether or not there will be content here to entice you to come back is something you will have to judge.  This blog is definitely a work in progress.  The visual aspects are subject to change as I learn more about setting up the space.  The content aspects are going to be all over the map!

For now, I am simply going to comment on this very interesting journey I have embarked on to becoming a blogger.  Later, when I learn my way around here a bit more, I will try and develop the content to include my journey as a writer, not only of this blog, but other fiction I have been working on for some time.

Yes, I am a “wanna-be” writer.  One of many thousands who spend untold hours putting words on paper in the hope that someone else will find those words interesting enough to read through to the bottom.  No, I have not (yet) published a best seller, nor even a short story in a magazine.  But I continue to hone my craft and continue to submit my efforts.  Tomorrow, or the next day, an editor will decide my efforts are worth printing.  Tomorrow, or the next day, a Big 5 publishing house will snap up my novel for a six-figure advance, or perhaps, I will self-publish, or perhaps…

Yes, I am a “wanna-be” writer.  I have the same lofty goals as we all do.  However, putting words on paper as best I can satisfies a need in me.  And for now, satisfying that need is sufficient.  Tomorrow, or the next day, …

2 thoughts on “One new thing every day…

  1. Good luck. The only thing I would say to you is, DON’T CALL YOURSELF A ‘WANNA BE’ WRITER! If you write, you are a writer. You can say that you’re not published, but if you writer, you are a writer! 🙂 Do people who call themselves gardeners ‘professional gardener’? See? Don’t sell yourself short! 🙂


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