Hey, Jay! You missed a week.

Well, actually it has been closer to two weeks.  It has been twelve days since my last post went up.  What happened?  The short answer is that ‘life happens’.  You can also find it cross-referenced to ‘newbie blogger bites off more than he can chew’.

I don’t even have the excuse of illness that accounted for the first gap in my planned blog production (see here).  This time it was simply a matter of conflicting priorities, and the blog posts were not high enough on the priority list.  And, as a newbie blogger, I still don’t have several posts pre-written and scheduled for the appropriate dates.  Nor do I have an archive dating back many months or years where I can quickly pull up a “Blast from the Past”.  Thus, when a post deadline appears, I am simply out of luck as well as time.

But I do learn, if only slowly.  I am going to cut back my blog posting schedule to just once a week.  I simply do not have the available time to post twice a week and keep up with everything else that I currently have on my plate.    I’m not sure what the best day for that post is going to be, but for now I’m going to try for Mondays.  New post each Monday.  I have a post written (in my head) and will begin transferring it to cyberspace as soon as I finish this post which will appear Friday, Nov 27.  That new post will go up on Monday, Nov 30.  Thereafter, each Monday should see a new post.

That, at least, is the plan.  Less ambitious than previously, but hopefully more realistic given the current state of affairs.  Along with a decrease in the blog post production schedule, I am ready (I think!) to schedule posting my short fiction to this blog site.

When I first set up the “My Fiction” page, I indicated an intention to post work there on an irregular and random basis.  It is now my expectation to put up a new sample of my writing monthly.  I renew my promise not to subject you to serialized chapter posts of my longer works, but will only post flash fiction and short works.  With my regular blog posts scheduled for Mondays, Friday seems an appropriate day to post my fiction, and so there will be a new short-short posted Friday, Dec 4, and the first Friday of each month thereafter.

For those of you who wonder why I have such difficulty in finding 750 or 1,000 words to write for my blog post, I can only explain that I am one of those very slowww writers, who edits every word as I write, not once or twice, but over and over again.  Moreover, I first started this blog as a chronicle of my (mis)adventures in writing.  Therefore, I can’t just sit down and tell you about the washer overflowing, or my laptop deciding that 15 years of faithful service is enough and refusing to go any further.  I have to try and relate the post to writing, and particularly my writing.  And I am a perfectionist!  Good enough just isn’t for me.  That “very slowww” writing also partially explains why I won’t even consider trying something like NaNoWriMo.  Yes, I know.  A first draft is a draft and doesn’t have to be perfect.  But that simply is not the way I do it, and this old dog has his hands full learning the new tricks already on his plate.

In the first few days of my “Excellent Adventure” in blogging, I indicated that this blog was, for lack of a better word, ‘secondary’ to my ‘real writing’, that is, my fiction both long and short form.  In the two months I have been blogging, regardless of how irregularly, I have come to realize that this blog is just as important to me as what I previously regarded as my ‘real writing’.  This blog requires as much of my time, effort, and attention as anything else I write.  So, even a 750-word blog post can occupy a large block of time as I work and re-work it to my own personal satisfaction.

And if my own particular writing idiosyncrasies weren’t enough to contend with, as mentioned above, my laptop died.  I’m traveling for the holiday, and having to learn to use a new laptop.  I don’t do well with the keyboard on a laptop to begin with, and a new one is almost impossible!  I learned to type a long time ago, before there was even an electric typewriter, much less computer keyboards.  My thumbs know exactly where they are supposed to be and just what they are supposed to do.  And a touchpad where my thumbs rest really, really messes things up!  I’ve lost several blocks of typing trying to write this post just because this miserable machine won’t read my mind and do what I’m thinking, rather than doing what my fat fingers and thumbs inadvertently tell it to do.

Oh. yes, one other thing that tends to slow me down in writing these posts.  WordPress seems to have ‘fixed’ what wasn’t (IMHO) broken.  At least I think the changes are to WordPress and not the result of my first attempt to write a blog post on a new computer.  All I know for sure in that regard is that certain expectations in using this site developed over the past couple of months at home on my desktop computers are not being met on the road on a new laptop.

Ah, well.  I am thankful to be spending time with my daughter and her family.  My health is reasonably good.  And I’m having fun writing, even if I am very slow.

I hope you all had as nice of a Thanksgiving holiday as I did.  See you on Monday!













11 thoughts on “Hey, Jay! You missed a week.

  1. Jay, this is how we do it. We learn as we go. I still don’t have it all together in the blogging world, but I do what I can. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Jay, you always give me a good chuckle when reading your blogs! I look forward to those Monday postings. At least you’ve set a day to post; I still randomly post. I do try to do weekly but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. I feel your pain regarding the passing of your computer. I thought mine died last week and after a day of pretending to be dead, it came back to life! Good luck with your laptop. You’ll get the hang of it before you know it.

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  3. I agree that keeping up with all of this blogging is difficult! Especially if it is to have a lot of meaning. I look forward to your weekly posts and will be cutting back myself to a similar schedule. I’m with you – writing takes time! Look forward to reading your post tomorrow!

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  4. I really appreciate your honest assessment of how much time all this social media takes! Cutting down to just one post a week sounds like it will work for you. It has for me so far. And I look forward to reading some of your short fiction. I’ve been contemplating doing something similar in the future — probably the distant future, to be honest. But we can all work at eating the elephant one mouthful at a time, right? Bon appetit!

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    1. Thank you for your very kind comments, Nancy. I hope you enjoy the fiction pieces. There is one up there now, and another will go up next week, as promised. I will appreciate any and all comments on the work posted there. The best feedback for this writer, at least, is the critique of other writers. Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on. 😉


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