My trusty and ever-handy “Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition” defines potpourri as follows:

  1.      a stew,
  2.      a mixture of dried flower petals with spices, kept in a jar for its fragrance,
  3.      a medley, miscellany, or anthology.

Today’s post has no “dried flower petals”, but the first and third definitions both fit equally well.

Mostly, I’m trying to get rid of a bunch of sticky notes pasted on monitor screens, tacked on the bulletin board, and laying about my desk and environs making my work space look like a whirlwind came through.  There may or may not be a full-blown post in any one of these topics, but, for now, I’m just going to throw a bunch of stuff out here.

Previously, I had promised (see here) that I would begin posting some of my shorter fiction works to this site on a regular schedule, beginning with last Friday, December 4.  And I did just that — or at least I thought I did.  I found the story I wanted to post, transferred it to a new blog page, and scheduled the whole thing to appear in the early morning hours of the designated day.  Friday evening I went in to see how the post looked.  Alas and alack!  When I clicked on the “My Fiction” header, the story wasn’t there.  I spent a couple of hours wandering around WordPress trying to find the post.  WordPress kept insisting that the post was published as scheduled, but just as doggedly refused to show it on the site.  To make a long story short, I eventually got the story to appear where it was supposed to be.  You can read it here under “My Fiction”.  I still am not quite sure what went wrong in the first place.  Perhaps I will find out when I post a new story the first Friday in January.

On a completely unrelated note, I have been looking at several different writing software programs for some time now.  Each time I run across such a program, I bookmark it for future reference and at some later date, I go to the website and read all the available information.  At the moment, the two that hold the most interest for me are Scrivener and Dramatica.  Like all such software, both promise that this is the best possible software for any kind of writing and will collect all the necessary information regarding a story in one, easy to use, and easy to access, place, thereby gaining me fame and fortune as a best-selling novelist.  Both have lots of testimonials from other ‘best-selling novelists’ attesting to the fact that this particular software is the greatest advance in writing since movable type.

Am I going to break down and try one or the other, or both in the near future?  Making it more likely that I will try something along these lines is the fact that my organizational skills lean more to planning organization than executing said plans.  See here.  Making it less likely that I will try out this type of software is my penchant for procrastination and Newton’s First Law of Motion, which I paraphrase as “A body at rest tends to stay at rest, unless acted upon by an external force.”  Inertia is a powerful  force for accomplishing nothing, particularly when combined with procrastination.

I have been using plain, old, vanilla Microsoft Word in its various incarnations for my writing since I began my scribblings.  Three ring binders, lots of printer paper and toner, and sticky notes everywhere have been the tools of the trade for me.  Should I try something new and different?  Does it make any difference?  Would it clean up my office?  That last item is a biggie for me, at least right at the moment.  Next week it may be very different.

How about you, Gentle Readers?  Do you use any of the writing software programs?  Have you tried any of them?  Recommendations will be appreciated.

Finally, a question for the season.  Returning home from the grocery last night, I took note of a number of homes bedecked for the Christmas season with colored lights and other decorative items.  The question that came to mind was this.  Does stringing brightly colored lights on palm trees and cacti make a mockery of the traditional “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”?    😉

Hmmm.  There could be a seasonal story there about Christmas in the desert.  Nah!  Maybe next year.  Where did I put those sticky notes?



7 thoughts on “Potpourri

  1. I use Scrivener and while I’ve only scratched the surface of what it can do, I LOVE it! It allowed you to drag and drop scenes around, giving you the ability and ease of writing scenes out of order – if you need to. You can also color code scenes which I do since I’m writing from two different POVs. You can also upload photos and other documents into your file to review. There’s a ton of YouTube tutorials on how to use this software and they give you one month free to test it out.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and for the comment. Procrastination and inertia not withstanding, I think I am going to give Scrivener a try. I was unaware of the tutorials available on YouTube. That hint is most appreciated.

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  2. Love your thoughts today. I use Scrivener…go buy it or at least do the trial and kiss those sticky notes goodbye – the software has a corkboard to which you can post your virtual notes to and never loose them. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your very kind comments, and for the recommendation. I’m definitely leaning toward Scrivener. I’ve gotten a number of recommendations/testamonials from ‘real’ people on it, whereas the only such I’ve seen on Dramatica come from the company’s web page. 😉

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  3. As usual, I enjoyed your latest post! As for advice on using various software programs to help with organizing your writing, I’m not going to be very helpful because I’m cheap. And cheap means that I can’t justify spending money on a new program when I can work just fine with the good old vanilla (very apt word!) Microsoft Word. It has served me well so far in writing my biography, Now that I am almost halfway through a very rough draft, I have begun to create more files for individual future chapters and add information to those as I go through relevant material from a number of different resources. Then I’ll take the notes I’ve made and use those to flesh out new episodes in my great-grandfather’s life. It seems to be working so far — and not a dime spent on new software!


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