Jay Leeward is a writer residing in the Valley of the Sun (aka Phoenix) in Arizona.

Until recently, Mr. Leeward’s writing efforts were directed toward fiction in several genres — mystery, romance, SF, and other items incapable of being assigned to any recognizable category.  His backlist includes flash fiction, short stories, and a couple of novels in various states of disarray.  This blog is an attempt to both broaden his writing horizons and to develop that ‘writer’s platform’ that virtually every article, blog, and book addressed to writers who wish to be published demands he have.

An attempt to interview Mr. Leeward for information for this bio was singularly unsuccessful.  His responses to questions were generally “Er, ahh, hmmm.  Ah, well. OK, you see.  Uh, er, ah, um, let’s talk about this next week, shall we?”

Information developed from other sources indicates Mr. Leeward was born “on a dark and stormy night” in a small town in Montana, either umpty-ump or eleventy-seventyteen years ago.  Following his retirement as a professional student some years ago, he migrated to Arizona from Seattle to take up his current vocations as a writer and semi-professional student.

One source suggested that Mr. Leeward has a somewhat odd and quirky sense of humor, and that no one should take him any more seriously than he takes himself — which is to say, not at all seriously.


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